The 10 Steps to Successful Budgeting

This book explains the fundamentals of the budgeting process in a simple and concise manner. Our 10-step approach will help you plan, prepare, and defend a budget that is strategically aligned to your organization. It provides a valuable reference tool that you can use year after year to manage your planning and budgeting process.

English-Spanish Glossary of Accounting and Cost Management

This glossary contains definitions and translations of common accounting and cost management terms. It is useful for accounting practitioners, business professionals, educators, and students who work in a bilingual environment and struggle with the correct translation of these terms and their definitions.

Understanding Financial Statements: A Basic Manual for Non-financial Managers

This brief reference manual is targeted towards non-financial professionals who require a basic understanding of accounting terminology and financial information. It explains the basic financial statements prepared according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the United States, and how these statements can help you make better business decisions. This second edition has been updated to explain accrual accounting and the statement of cash flows in more detail. It also incorporates the most recent changes to the auditor’s report, including a brief explanation of the use of the emphasis-of-matter paragraph.

Designing Strategic Cost Systems: How to Unleash the Power of Cost Information

This book provides a roadmap for the design, development, and implementation of a strategic cost system.   It describes in depth how to structure a cost systems design project and discusses the issues that should be addressed upfront from a management, operations, and costing perspective.

Hardcover edition

The Cost Management Toolbox: A Manager's Guide to Controlling Costs and Boosting Profits

This book focuses on the preparation and interpretation of financial information with a particular emphasis on cost management, analysis, and control.   It is designed for business professionals who need a basic understanding of how financial information is prepared and reported, particularly in the area of costs.

Paperback edition

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